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Reference Data
A set of anatomic reference data to provide additional information on the cytoarchitecture, myeloarchitecture and chemoarchitecture of the mouse brain.
Staining Type Stain Target Staining Pattern
Histological staining Nissl Nissl substances Pan-cellular, cell bodies and dendrites
Histological staining AchE Synaptic protein Acetylcholinesterase Axons and cell bodies of cholinergic neurons
Immunohistochemistry Pvalb Ca2+ binding protein Parvalbumin Cell-type marker: a subset of GABAergic interneurons (fast-spiking)
SMI-32 Neurofilament-H (non-phosphorylated) Cell bodies, dendrites and thick axons
Immunohistochemistry Calb1 Ca2+ binding protein Calbindin, 28 kDa Cell-type marker: a subset of GABAergic Interneurons
SMI-99 Myelin basic protein Myelinated axons, oligodendrocytes
Immunohistochemistry NeuN Nuclear protein Fox3 Cell-type marker: Pan-neuronal
NF-160 Neurofilament-M Cell bodies, dendrites and axons